Cookie Policy

The website of Anvio VR is using “cookies”.

Cookies and the point of using them

Cookies are represented by text files that include data about what user is doing on the website and his preferences. These files are saved on the computer of the user or his/her mobile device. The maximum storage term depends on the cookie’s type.

Cookies facilitate the usage of the website for the user, e.g. the user doesn’t need to enter all his preferences manually each time he or she visits the website or switches between its pages. The browsing of the website becomes seamless with cookies. They also help the webmaster keep track of any problems or possibilities to make the usage of the website even better. Some back-end mechanics depend on cookies, too.

Types of cookies

Anvio VR’s website is using several types of cookies.

Essential cookies

The website can’t be used without them. E.g. such cookies are used to transfer information from filled forms or guarantee the security of the connection to the website.

Convenience cookies

Such cookies are used to store the user’s preferences including his or her device type. For instance, the font size settings are stored through using convenience cookies.

Maintenance cookies

This type of cookies is used to perform a variety of activities necessary to analyse the website performance, user experience, and usage statistics. These help to reveal possible problems or difficulties that users might face and help to apply hotfixes promptly. Advertising is carried out with the help of cookies as well. Anvio VR’s website is using different analytical cookies including but not limited to those from Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Yandex.Metrika.

If you have decided against using cookies, you can delete the cookies that have already been saved on your device and prevent it from receiving any new cookies. The way of doing that depends on the OS and the browser you are using. Please, visit find out how to disable cookies on your device.

This website can work incorrectly with cookies disabled.